As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, Laguna Wealth Advisors performs two major services; financial planning and investment advice.


Financial Planning

The Firm serves as financial planning adviser for individuals, corporations, entrepreneurs, trusts and small businesses.  Laguna Wealth Advisors, LLC’s goal is to work with the Client and his or her other advisers, providing financial planning consultation and over-all coordination on a personal basis.

Proper financial planning identifies specific goals and objectives.  The process requires a complete review of a Client’s assets, retirement benefit programs, insurance contracts, potential income and estate taxes, wills and trust agreements, and other related matters.

Financial planning advisory services involve reviewing the Client’s financial affairs, creating a written financial plan, aiding the Client in implementing agreed-upon recommendations and providing ongoing monitoring of goals and objectives.


Investment Advice

Laguna Wealth Advisors, LLC is a fee-only investment advisory firm providing both Discretionary and Non-Discretionary investment advice.  Portfolios are constructed consistent with the risk tolerance of the client and designed to address the stated needs and goals of the client.


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