Investment Principles and Portfolio Construction

Laguna Wealth Advisors, LLC’s investment process is best described as a top-down asset allocator. Based upon a client’s risk tolerance and financial goals, an appropriate target asset allocation (the mix between stocks, bonds, alternative investments, and cash) is determined.  The portfolio is then managed within these parameters.

The equity portion of the portfolio is invested using a combination of market-index ETFs, a sub-portfolio of Sector ETFs using a Relative Strength algorithm, individual stocks (if appropriate), and/or mutual funds.  These securities will be diversified to provide exposure to US and international markets, as well as market size and style, as appropriate.

The fixed income portion of the portfolio is addressed using mutual funds and ETFs.  Care is given through specific fixed income sector selection to create portfolios that are well suited for the forecasted economic and interest-rate environment.

From time to time, opportunities present themselves in the alternative investment space, and when appropriate, positions in this asset class may be established.